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Recently wines from the portugese wine producer Bulas was added to the sales list at the Icelandic Liquor monopole. Even though Portugal is better known in Iceland as port wine producers, there is no question that sales of light wine have taken a huge leap. Portugese wines are usually cheap and the quality is high for the price. While new world wines have been raising in price and the quality has remained the same, other little known areas are quietly taking more and more shelf space in the stores, not just in Iceland but all over the world. I have to admit I love to taste wines made of grapes other than Chardonnay, Cabernet or the rest of the popular grape varities. Sometimes they work out well, sometimes not. Below is my opinion and description of the Bulas wines for sale in Iceland.

Bulas Tinto 2019

The wines of Douro are made with the same grape varities as the port wines, the grapes are usually on the heavier side (except the Tinto Roriz otherwise known as Tempranillo) which means that even the unoaked wines can be fairly strong tasting. This is a wine that is one of the better buys in the store at the moment. The aroma is open with lots of forest fruit jam. The palate is strong with lots of blackcurrant and blueberries and has a good balance between the fruits and tannins. The aftertaste is medium length with a slight alcohol taste. The wine is ready now and is does not need keeping, it should go well with grilled lamb this summer. The price is really good at 2.975 kr..


Bulas Branco 2020

I have some trouble trying to figure out Portugese white wines. For instance this one I felt was grassy and green and yet ready to drink, which I find different and special. Bulas Branco is one of those wines that took me a while to find the right wording to describe, even though I did enjoy the wine itself. The wine has a closed aroma with slight grass and citrus to it, which opens up quite well in the palate and gives has lots of melon, grass, citrus and a slight apricot in the end. The aftertaste is acidic and lasts longer than I expected. I had the wine with sushi and was happy with the results. The price is fair at 2.975 kr.

Bulas Gran Reserva Tinto 2011

The big boss boss is here!! It is hard to find a good quality 11 year old wine under 10.000 kr. much less under 6.000 kr.!!! This wine is made the old fashioned way, they even have people pressing the grapes by foot! The juice is kept in french oak for 14 months before bottling and then kept until the producers feel it is ready to sell. The aroma is very open and heady with black forest fruit jam, oak, coffee, and alcohol. The palate is powerful with lots of blackcurrant, vanilla, coffee, prunes and plums. The aftertaste is long and tickles the throat with a slight alcohol background. A great wine, ready to drink but I would love to see how it develops after 10 years of storage. The price is great at 5.975 kr.. This is a steak wine!!

Bulas Reserva Branco 2018

Here is a wine that truly shows what a little oak can do to it, though it has only been in oak for 4 months, there is a lot of changes to the charecter. The wine is a lot heavier and fatter than the unoaked, but still has a some good southern fruits, red apples and citrus in the aroma and palate. Decent wine ready to drink. The price is 3.975 kr.. I woud suggest a salmon or trout to pair it with.



Bulas Reserva Tinto: See wine of the month april 2o22

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