Wine of the month April 2022

Bulas Douro Reserva Tinto 2016

Portugal has been known for its port wines for many years in Iceland. But the nation has only lately been realizing how good the red and white wines of the Douro region can be. I have written about Portuguese wines for some time and have wondered when people are going to start noticing the quality. It’s not like we don’t know anything about Portugal, god knows every other Icelandic has been there at least once for a vacation (the rest go to Tenerife). 

It is nice to see that the nation is starting to wake up and notice that good wines at good prices are not just coming from Chile or Argentina and there are more grape varieties than Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. One of the newer producers from Portugal in the Á.T.V.R. is Bulas in the Douro region. I had the honor of tasting their range and was very impressed. Though it would have been easy to choose their cheaper og even their more expensive wine as the wine of the month, I felt that the Reserva showed the best example of quality for price ratio. I will also be writing about the rest of the line later in May or June for those who are interested. 

The reserva is a heavy and rich wine like most of the Bulas line, with the main grape being the Touriga Nacional which in my opinion gives the wine it´s headiness. The aroma is very open with blackberries, nutmeg, vanilla and alcohol to it. The palate is rich with lots of vanilla, blackcurrant, black cherry jam, raisin, coffee, oak and nutmeg to it. The aftertaste is long and heady with lots of tannin and alcohol. A great wine now that can develop for at least another five years. This is a steak or grill lover’s wine for sure! The price is really good at only 3.975 kr.  

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