Jean-Pierre Moueix tasting

It went a little too well introducing the last exceptional wine (Ch. Ducluzeau), the few that were left sold out the same day as the article came out. Which is both good and bad, it´s good because it shows people are reading the article and it´s bad because they expect to be able to buy the wine that they read about. To make up for it I am going to write about four good wines that are either just starting in the Monopole or will be starting soon (1st of December). Two of those these wines will be rated exceptional.

The wines come from a highly respected family company (negotiant), Jean Pierre Moueix, the company is well known in Bordeaux and are best known for their Pomerol wines, but do have vineyards in the Napy valley also. Below are the wines and how they taste.

Jean-Pierre Moueix Bordeaux 2016 is fairly open in nose with plums, strawberries og a slight barnyard aroma. The palate is open with lots of liqourice, plums, og wild mushrooms and the aftertaste is medium length and well developed. A good wine to drink now and does not have to age anymore. But this vintage should keep being good for a couple of more years. Good with lamb and pasta. The price is 3.144 kr.

Jean-Pierre Moueix Medoc 2016 has much more Cabernet than the other wines in the collection and it shows with lots of dark berries and paprika with a hint of old oak and spice in the end. The palate has a good blend of dark berries, paprika, spice and soft tannins. The aftertaste i long and full. A good wine that has a suprising qaulity for the price and woul go well with lamb or beef. The price is more than fair at 3.405 kr.

Exceptional: Jean-Pierre Moueix St. Emilion 2016. Now we are coming into an area where high qualtiy wines are made. This wine is made mostly of Merlot with a little bit of Cabernet Franc, which basicly  makes it a fruit bomb with lots of tannin. The nose has lots of wild berry jam, spice and a little bit of wild mushrooms and a hint of earthiness in the end. The palate is medium weight with lots of tannin, blueberry jam, plums a litlle bit of nutmeg and some cinnamon and coffee in the end. The aftertaste is long and silky smooth, a great wine, ready to drink right now! The price is really good at only 3.929 kr. Great with all types of red meat.

Exceptional: Jean-Pierre Moueix Pomerol 2016 is without a doubt the best of the four wines and also by far the most expensive! The area is the smallest by far and has an outstnding reputation. 95% Merlot and the rest Cabernet Franc makes this a very fruity wine with lots of cherries and strawberries mixed in with spices and coffee on the nose. The taste is bursting with lots of red fruits, plums, cedar, nutmeg and silky soft tannins. A great balance in the wine consisting of the tannins and fruits makes this a high quality wine through and through. A perfct holiday wine. The price is 4.977 kr. and the wine will be available from the 1st of Desember.

ATT: As you can see, the labels are very similer so make sure you look at the area name to buy the right wine.

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