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Dry Creek Zinfandel Heritage 2017

Every once in a while I get lucky and I say a wine will be popular and it becomes popular. One example is 1.000 Stories Zinfandel. I was one of the very first to taste the wine in Iceland, and when I did, I told the wine importer right away that they had a hit and you know what? They had a hit (yes, I get lucky sometimes).

Now I am sitting tasting another great Zinfandel that I am convinced would be a hit in Iceland. The importer is not so sure, he feels the price might be too high at 4.999 kr and he may be right. But I do not agree. Why do I feel it would be popular? Because when I judge a wine, I do not care how much it costs, what I care about is if it is worth the money it is sold for. I don´t care if it costs 2.000 kr. or 40.000 kr I care if it is worth the price that is put on it. My biggest question to myself is, would I buy another bottle? If not, then it is not worth it´s price. Dry Creek costs 4.999 kr. and there is no question I would buy another bottle!

Dry Creek Zinfandel Heritage 2017 is what I call a „monster“ wine. Very heavy and open with lots of backcurrant jam, black fruits, liqourice and vanilla in the nose. The taste is heavy in alcohol to start and goes into black fruits, vanilla, espresso coffee, and lots of chocolate. The aftertaste is long and has a heavy dark fruit flavour. This is a classic Grill wine that would fit well with BBQ, or spicey beef and lamb.

Even though this wine is not sold in the Á.T.V.R. right now, you can send a e-mail to the head of UVA ehf. at barddal@simnet.is and they can help you buy some.


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