Warsteiner Beer.

If you want to know how a Stout with 25% alcohol which is supposed to taste like a chocalate covered „kleina“ from Siglufirði is, don´t ask me, I am not qualified to judge those types of beer (and truth be told don´t like those types). But I do know a thing a two about lager and pilsner beers and in my opinion could judge them fairly.  So here goes!

I am going to welcome and old friend back to Iceland Warsteiner Beer. German beer laws make a lot of demands to beer makers which is unquestionbly good for the consumer, and Warsteiner is a classic example of a good german beer. The foam is thick and stays for a long time in the glass. The beer itself has a strong barly and hops taste with good caramel. The aftertaste had a more hoppy and slight bitter taste than I thought it would have, but still very fresh. A great beer to have while your relaxing or grilling and waiting for the food.

The price is 365 kr. for a 50 cl. can.

Þessi færsla var birt undir English. Bókamerkja beinan tengil.

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