I was suprised and delighted when so many readers reached out to me and asked me to keep writing the „Bubbly“ segments. As one person said „not all of us have the money to go to the VOX champagne tasting, you give us a chance to find out about how expensive and cheaper sparkling wines taste“  With that in mind, I have decided to keep writing about good Bubbly, whether it´s Champagne, standard sparkling or something different. What matters most is, „Is it worth it?“ Having said that let´s go to the newest Bubbly.

I very rarely write about a wine that is not yet available in the Á.T.V.R. yet (but it will arrive shortly), but this time I will make an exception. Why? Because this Champagne is awesome! For such a small country we have a excellent selection of Champagne, Bollinger, Lauren Perrier, Drappier and many more high quality champagne are on our shelves. BUT when the three differnt branches of the best wine producers in Bordeaux join forces to make a Champagne?? Look out!!! That is what happened when the Rothscild´s joined to make Champagne Baron De Rothschild. Even though they started out in 2007 the wines have only recently come to Iceland. As expected the bottle is beautiful,  and the taste of the wine and overall ambiance is fantastic.

Even though I got to taste the Extra Brut and the Brut, I will only be describing the Brut, as Brut seems to be the biggest seller in Iceland. The Champagne Baron De Rothschild Non Vintage Brut (60% chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir) is despite its dryness, silky soft and light on the tongue, the bubbles are pin head sized and stay for quite a long time in the glass. The smell and taste has a yeasty, pear, nut and citrus flair to it. The aftertaste is long and dry og tickles your throat for a long time. Everything about this wine says „Enjoy and celebrate“. You can get more information by sending an e-mail to barddal@simnet.is. the price will not be cheap or roughly 8.000 kr. but it will be worth it!!

Þessi færsla var birt í English og merkt sem . Bókamerkja beinan tengil.

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