Wine of the month March 2021

We are back on track and we have a whole bunch of good wines to write about. Of course after such a long wait it was decided to start with the wine of the month for March 21. This time we are going to Italy in the Puglia area to discuss an excellent Primitivo, The Terrantini Primitvo di Maduria 2016.

Many say the Primitivo and Zinfandel are the same variety, others say they are only closely related, whether Primitivo and Zinfandel are the same grape is up for a heated discussion, but no one can deny they both come from a grape in Croatia called Crljenak (try saying that word three times fast). I personally do not care if they are the same grape or not. What I want is simple, in a good Zinfandel I want a heavy fruit driven wine, in a good Primitivo I want a drier more tannin rich wine.

A great example of the drier tannin rich Italian Primitivo is the Terrantini Primitvo di Maduria 2016. The has a heady and strong nose and taste of black cherries, dreid dark fruits and earth tones, it also has a good balance of alcohol, tannins and fruit. The aftertaste is long with a lot of alcohol (after all it is 15%).  Like all good Primitivo it takes a while to smooth out and the 2016 vintage is ready now but should be better after 4-5 years. The price is more than fair at 3.399 kr.

Þessi færsla var birt undir English. Bókamerkja beinan tengil.

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