Wine of the month January 2021

Thank goodness the new year has arrived, though the first 6 days have been a little rough!! It can not get any worse than 2020 (he says while waiting for an alien attack)!! To celebrate, the wine of the month will be from one of my favourite areas in the old world, Brunello in Tuscany, Italy.

It´s always nice to taste a good Tuscany wine og one of the most popular growing areas is Montalcino. Their better wines, while good young are expected to age for long periods of time. Here is a classic example of a good Brunello di Montalcino.

Casisano Brunello di Montalcino 2015, produced by Tommasi has a dark brown color, suggesting it has developed and matured quite well, but that is not an umcommon color for even a young Brunello. The nose has lots of cherry jam, oak and earth tones to it. The taste is very heady and very tannin rich with dried cherries, oak, coffee, and vanilla flavours. The aftertaste is long lasting with a strong alcohol taste. This is not a jammy, heavy wine, it can be drunk now or kept for at least 10 years. The price is 6.299 kr.   

Þessi færsla var birt undir English. Bókamerkja beinan tengil.

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