Wine of the month April 2021.

Mission St. Vincent

I seldom write about Bordeaux wines in the 2.000 to 2.500 kr. price range. Simply because I find most Bordeaux wines at that price range are not worth it. Why spend that money on wines that quite simply are not that good when you can get a decent Chile og Argentine wine for the same price?

That´s why it feels good to when I finally do find a Bordeaux that I do feel is worth the price. In this case we have two wines, both from the same producer, one red and one white.  Shall we start with the red?

Mission St. Vincent Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon 2016,

Shows you can find good red Bordeaux at a good price but you have to look for it! This is not a oaky monster, neither is it a thin berry juice type of wine. The wine has lots of plum and lyng with some white pepper in the nose. The taste has good cherries, lyng and medium tanníns to it with a hint of papríka in the background. A medium bodied with a light but fairly long aftertaste, this is not a beef steak wine but not all wines have to be made for beef. This is more of a spicey chicken or pork wine. No need to keep this wine, drink now and enjoy. The is great at 2.089 kr.

Mission St. Vincent Sauvignon Blanc 2019.

This is going to be my sumar patio wine this year! While other are going to be drinking 3.500-4.000 kr Sauvignon Blancs, I´ll be sipping this with a smile on my face. Funny how we often forget that Bordeaux can make some dam good whites also. The nose on this wine is light with asparagus and grapefruit. There is a good acidity in the mouth without being bone dry and there is a nice grapefruit, lemon and asparagus taste to it. The aftertaste is fairly long and acidic. This is more of an easy drinking wine, but can be used for lighter courses or lobster and shrimp courses. The price is laughable at 1.965 kr.

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