Wine of the month September 2021

Like the saying goes „good things come to those who wait“ and even though it took a while to write about this wine, it was worth it (at least for me). How best to describe the wine of the month? Simple, it´s a beast!!! This is not a cheap wine and even though it is a great wine to drink now, it can keep and develop into a fantastic wine over the next 15 years! You read that right 15 years. This wine along with it´s sister wine Duckhorn Merlot og other high quality american wines show once again that well they can develop and age well. So how does the wine taste?

Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 Napa Valley is lively in the nose with lots of toasted coffee, nuts, dark chocolate, and blackberry scents. The palate is heavy with blackberries, paprika, coffee, toasted bread, vanilla, ceder and dark jam, which changes slowly into a long blackcurrant jam and alcohol aftertaste. While the wine is so young I would suggest decanting at the least an hour before dinner to let it breath and develop more. The Duckhorn is a steak wine first and foremost and fits perfectly with strong meats such as tomahawk steaks, ribeye and lamb. The price is 8.317 kr.

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