Three sparkling wines to ring in the new year!

Now that I have written about my five favourite wines of the year. It is time to turn our attention to what type of Bubbly to drink over the new years celebration.

I have chosen a sparkling for these three categories. Good for those on a budget. Good for those who want a little more. Good for those who want to spend.

Good for those on a budget:

Zonin was in my top five of the year because of the bang for the buck, so there is no way I am going to choose something else in this category, that would be silly.

Zonin Prosecco Brut Cuvee 1821 NV fairly acidic with lime, citrus, and green apples in the nose and mouth. The bubbles last for an unsually long time time in the glass (for a prosecco) and keeps a good acidity. In short, a light, good tasting sparkling with a long aftertaste. Even the bottle design is a smart and refreshing change from what you mostly see, and shows a certain  quality standard. The price is reeally good at 2.214 kr.. Great as a starter or as a party or celebration wine.

Good for those who want a little more:

I have known Steingrímur at Vínótek for 20+ years, sometimes we agree on wines sometimes we don´t. In this case we agree that this sparkling is a real treat!

Escorihuela Gascon Extra Brut NV is like the name suggests is a bone dry wine. Lots of acididty with green apples, citrus and a hint of the typical yeast are in the palate and nose. The aftertaste is long, dry and acidic and the pinhead bubbles last a long time in the glass, in fact longer than most sparkling wine. The biggest problem with this wine is, it is in pricing hell!! Made in the traditional Champagne method, it is more expensive than the cheap prosecco´s and cava´s which are used for the basic big party celebration, but cheaper than Champagne, which is used for the „grand“ celebrations. Still it is definitely worth seeking out and trying at least once, if only to taste a well made sparkling from the country of Argentina. Help celabrate special people like Daði and friends with a special sparkling. The price is 3.929 kr.

Good for those who want to spend:

I don´t think I have ever tasted a „bad“ champagne, but for the price you spend they better be good! The quality of sparkling at this range is that good, that in many ways it is up to the consumer what they really like. That being said Rothschild N.V. (non vintage) Brut is the best N.V. Brut champagne I have tasted in years!

The Champagne Baron De Rothschild Non Vintage Brut (60% chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir) is despite its dryness, silky soft and light on the tongue, the bubbles are pin head sized and stay for quite a long time in the glass. The smell and taste has a yeasty, pear, nut and citrus flair to it. The aftertaste is long and dry og tickles your throat for a long time. Everything about this wine says „Enjoy and celebrate“. The price is 9.200 kr.

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