Bubbly: Zonin

Prosecco is what I call an everyday sparkling wine. Pretty good tasting, light and easy, both in taste and budget wise. In my opinion there is not much difference in quality or price of most of the prosecco sold in Iceland as most are good quality for a good price. Zonin prosecco however is one of the few that I feel is a slight cut above the rest in taste, and I have been looking forward to seeing it in the Á.T.V.R. monpole.

Zonin Prosecco Brut Cuvee 1821 NV fairly acidic with lime, citrus, and green apples in the nose and mouth. The bubbles last for an unsually long time time in the glass (for a prosecco) and keeps a good acidity. In short, a light, good tasting sparkling with a long aftertaste. Even the bottle design is a smart and refreshing change from what you mostly see, and shows a certain  quality standard. The price is reeally good at 2.214 kr.. Great as a starter or as a party or celebration wine.

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