Three good tasting wines, from Italy to Morocco.

After all of the heavy wines I have been writing about this summer, I felt it´s time to write about great wines that are good tasting but have a more delicate touch. That´s why we are going back to Italy and also taking a side trip to Marocco (yes, they make wine there).

Let´s start with Tuscany, Italy and go visit the Colognole family again. I chose the Colognole Riserva del Don Chianti Rufina 2015 as the wine of the month in May 2022, so I think most of you know that I feel their most expensive wine in the wine store is good. But how do the „ordinary“ wines taste? Read below and see what I think.

Colognole Sinopie 2018, Chianti Superiore is one of the better Chianti Superiore´s that I have tasted. Which is good because even though the name says otherwise, a Superiore is not considered an expensive or even high quality type of wine. But in this case the wine was good for the price.

Colognole Sinopie 2018 is fairly closed in the nose but starts opening up after a while and has a good earth and truffle aroma. The palate is light and fruity with a cherry, mushroom, redcurrant and slight cinnamon taste. The tannins are soft and fit nicely with the fruitiness of the wine. No need to keep this wine, drink now. The prce is good at 2.699 kr. and the wine should fit nicely with pork or chicken.

Colognole Chianti Rufina 2018 is slightly higher in quality than the Sinopie and it shows mostly in the taste. The wine is similer in the nose with cherries, redcurrants and mushrooms. The palate is slghtly finer and more delicate, a little drier and more tannins that give a more mature cherry character. The aftertaste is of medium length and very good. Ready to drink and very good with a cheese and meat platter. The price is fair at 3.199 kr.




Colognole Riserva del Don Chianti Rufina 2015 see here.

Colognole also has some white wines including a good Sauvignon but are not in the A.T.V.R. at the moment.







A good red wine from Morocco?? What is going on!!?? The technology, climate change and education of a good wine maker, make anything is possible today. It seems it is possible to make wine anywhere in the world (except Iceland of course). But Morocco? Yes, I am willing to admit that it is possible to make good wine there. Did the earth shake when I tasted the wine? No, but I did have to stop for a moment and admit if I had blindtasted the wine, I would NEVER had guessed it was a Syrah from Morocco. And then comes the big question, is the wine worth the money it costs? The answer is yes.

Syrocco Syrah 2018, reminds me of a good Rhone rather than a new world wine. The aroma is open with leather, plums and jam in it. The palate is dry with lots of tannin, plums, forest fruits and pepper. the wine has a good balance and has a medium length aftertaste. I would say it´s a good wine with all kinds of lamb courses. I have to admit I am not sure how long you can keep it in storage, but I think it´s ready to drink now and could keep for 2-3 more years. The price is 4.199 kr.

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