Exceptional Wines: Cune Gran Reserva 2014

The Cune brand has been on the Icelandic market for quite a while now. The reason is simple, it is a good producer, making good wines at a fair price. Though the younger wines such as the Crianza and Reserva are good, my favorite from Cune has always been the Gran Reserva, it is heavier and more developed than the others and is made from the best vintages.

This vintage is full bodied with a heavy nose and pallete, there is a lot vanilla, mocca coffee, black cherries and ceder, with some black pepper in the background. The aftertaste is long and has some good tannin and a little alcohol in the end. Even though this is a 2014 vintage I would suggest decanting it to get more maturation. A great wine with grilled lamb and the price is great at only 3.499 kr.

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