Wine of the month Agust 2022

Finally the wine of the month for Agust is here! Now we are going to take a trip to the South of France to look for something good! Even though the south of france is not nearly as well known as Bordeaux or Burgundy, doesn´t mean they don´t make high quality wines.

On the contrary, you can get incredibly good stuff and fantastic prices. One of those wines comes from Domaine Lafage in the Rousillon area. A very good wine at a very good price.

Lafage Narassa 2019, Rousillon, France.

This wine is a blend of 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah, which in itself is not an uncommon blend for this area. The wine is pretty high in acohol at 15% which is strongly felt in the aroma. Spices, earth tones and blackberries are also very evident on the nose. The palate is heavy and has blackberry, pepper, herbs and alcohol to it with a good balance of tannins and fruit in the end. The aftertaste burns slightly but is long and good. A great wine for any type of food, with a good price of 3.489 kr.


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