Five best wines I have tasted in 2021.

I have tasted a lot of good wines in the year of 2021, so I have decided to write a list of the five best wines I have tasted in 2021. There are certain criterias to be on this list. I have tasted a lot of wines that are not yet on the shelves of the liquor monopole and I feel the wines selected should be easily obtained, so one of the criteria is that the wines should be in at least one of the Monople stores.

That might change next year, it all depends on whether the government legalises buying wine on the internet or not. Another VERY important aspect is, does the quality of the wine go above and beyond the price of the wine?? A lot of wines are very good and worth the money spent on them, but not all have that quality that is better than the money spent. I feel all of these wines are their moneys worth and more.

Not everyone will agree with my choices, and some people will probably say I was drinking too much while making this list. But it is my list and I am happy with my choices and that is all that matters isn´t it?

Let´s get started:

No. 5 Zonin Prosecco

Prosecco from large producers in Italy are not usually high quality, most are easy drinking, cheap and easy sparkling wines. At least that is what I used to think. But for some reason I kept finding myself buying this time and again all year, sometimes when I had friends over, used it in a wine course I was holding or when I wanted to get romantic with the wife. Slowly, I came to realise that everything about this wine is not just good but really good, from the design of the bottle, the cheap price and the high quality of the wine itself.

Zonin Prosecco Brut Cuvee 1821 NV fairly acidic with lime, citrus, and green apples in the nose and mouth. The bubbles last for an unsually long time time in the glass (for a prosecco) and keeps a good acidity. In short, a light, good tasting sparkling with a long aftertaste. Even the bottle design is a smart and refreshing change from what you mostly see, and shows a certain  quality standard. The price is reeally good at 2.214 kr.. Great as a starter or as a party or celebration wine.

No. 4 Jean Peirre Moueix St. Emillion

I have been waiting for a year to be able to write about this producer (negociant). Everthing I have tasted from them has been good. To show how good they are Wine Spectator, one of the best wine magazines in the U.S. picked their Dominus 2018 as the wine of the year 2021. It was hard to choose between the Saint Emilion and Pomerol. In the end the pricing of the Saint Emilion was what got it here.

Jean-Pierre Moueix St. Emilion 2016. Now we are coming into an area where high qualtiy wines are made. This wine is made mostly of Merlot with a little bit of Cabernet Franc, which basicly  makes it a fruit bomb with lots of tannin. The nose has lots of wild berry jam, spice and a little bit of wild mushrooms and a hint of earthiness in the end. The palate is medium weight with lots of tannin, blueberry jam, plums a litlle bit of nutmeg and some cinnamon and coffee in the end. The aftertaste is long and silky smooth, a great wine, ready to drink right now! The price is really good at only 3.929 kr. Great with all types of red meat.

No.3 Guelbenzu Azul

I swear this wine has been in the Monopole since I can remember! It sits on the shelves selling slowly and steadily. It will never be the best selling spanish wine in Iceland, not because it doesn´t have the qaulity, but rather because Icelandics have somehow gotten it into their heads that the best wines from Spain come only from Rioja. What a shame, this wine is a classic example of qaulity well ABOVE and BEYOND the price.

Guelbenzu Azul 2017 from Ribera del Queiles is not your typical spanish wine, the grapes used are Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Graciano and Syrah. The wine is stored in american and french oak for 9 months which gives it a strong cocoa, coffee and vanilla smell. The palate has a strong alcohol flavour, branching out to a black cherry, oak and vanilla taste. The aftertaste is long with a good balance of tannins and fruit, which makes this wine great tasting now but still be able to develop for a few years. The price is more than fair at 2.777 kr.

No. 2 Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon

Did you really think I would not have a wine from one of my all time favourite american producers on this list?? This time I put the Cabernet 2017. A monster of a wine that I frankly love.

Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 Napa Valley is lively in the nose with lots of toasted coffee, nuts, dark chocolate, and blackberry scents. The palate is heavy with blackberries, paprika, coffee, toasted bread, vanilla, ceder and dark jam, which changes slowly into a long blackcurrant jam and alcohol aftertaste. While the wine is so young I would suggest decanting at the least an hour before dinner to let it breath and develop more. The Duckhorn is a steak wine first and foremost and fits perfectly with strong meats such as tomahawk steaks, ribeye and lamb. The price is 8.317 kr.

No.1 Wine of the year 2021 at Chateau Ducluzeau 2016

When I first found this wine, there were four bottles hidden in the bottom shelf, the rest of the wines quickly sold out. I wasn´t even sure if there would be any more imported (a shipment of more 2016 came on the 18th of desember).  Why was this wine chosen as wine of the year? Simple, it´s a great tasting wine from a great vintage at such a great price! If this wine had come from Pauillac or Ste. Estephe it would be three times more expensive, so enjoy while it´s still with us and still this cheap!

Chateau Ducluzeau 2016 from Listrac is a powerful and heavy wine with lots of bell pepper, paprika, blackcurrants and coffee on the nose. The palate is heavy and comælex with lots of coffee, peppers, oak, black fruits og tannin. The balance of the fruits and tannins is superb and the aftertaste is long and steady. This is a wine you can drink now but it will be much more mature after 7 to 10 years in storage. The price is quite good at 4.299 kr.. To be sure this is a steak og leg of lamb wine and would be good on any holiday table.

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