Thistly Cross Cider

There will not be much Easter beer tasting on my part until just before Easter itself. But just because I will not be tasting beer does not mean I have not tasted anything good lately.  There is always something new popping up, or an older traditional drink starts making something different to keep up with the times. One of the changes I have noticed is in apple cider. A lot of companies are broadening the apple cider experience by adding different things or maturing it differently than the standerd maturation.  One such producer is Thistly Cross, here we have two examples of their cider in the liquor stores, the Whiskey cask and the real strawberry.

Thistly Cross Real Strawberry cider is a well done „small batch“ cider, made out of handpicked Strawberries, with a long maturation period before bottling. The strawberry taste and aroma is of course the most dominating thing about it, you do have a hint of apple in the backround, but this is a strawberry lovers wet dream. Like most ciders this is best drunk cold and on ice. Suitable for vegaterians and vegans. The price is 475 kr. per 33 cl. bottle.

Thistly Cross Cider Whisky Cask is one of the better ciders I have tasted and came as a pleasant suprise. The cider is matured in Glen Moray oak casks and has a good blend of honey, apple and vanilla taste and aroma. It´s a well done and good quality drink and there could be a very slight taste difference between each bottle depending on what oak cask it comes from, after all no cask is completly the same. This is a nice way of starting an evening as a change of pace from having a beer. Again suitable for Vegaterians and vegans. The price is 583 kr. per 33 cl. bottle.

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