The Eurovision Bubbly

The Eurovision is just around the corner and we need something to drink while we celebrate our victory (or our usual 16th place) The question is should we give the prosecco and cava a rest this time? The Sparkling I am going to write about I have written about before and comes from a country not known for Sparkling wine, Argentina!

Escorihuela Gascon Extra Brut NV is like the name suggests is a bone dry wine. Lots of acididty with green apples, citrus and a hint of the typical yeast are in the palate and nose. The aftertaste is long, dry and acidic and the pinhead bubbles last a long time in the glass, in fact longer than most sparkling wine. The biggest problem with this wine is, it is in pricing hell!! Made in the traditional Champagne method, it is more expensive than the cheap prosecco´s and cava´s which are used for the basic big party celebration, but cheaper than Champagne, which is used for the „grand“ celebrations. Still it is definitely worth seeking out and trying at least once, if only to taste a well made sparkling from the country of Argentina. Help celabrate special people like Daði and friends with a special sparkling. The price is 3.929 kr.

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